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“It’s funny how the beauty of art has so much more to do with the frame than the artwork itself.” ― Chuck Palahniuk, Choke

Yes! That’s how important choosing the right frame is. If you’re still not convinced then just imagine Clark Kent without his glasses. It’s just not him anymore! Eyewear can characterize what your identity is and who you wish to be. Simply think, the primary thing people notice about you is your face, and the frill there, will stand apart more than all else you wear.

No painting is ever complete without its frame. You’re a beautiful picture and if you wish to find a frame that would just fit your personality, then we have just the frames that give you the definition you’ve been searching for.

In a world we live in, everyone simply wants to be understood more than anything but sometimes when you’re not being understood, you gotta say it differently. This time, Say it differently with Tanti! Come see us today and let us assist you with picking out the ideal frames for you.


With 36 years of vast experience in style and design since 1984 Tanti has consistently strived to ensure that everyone gets an equal chance to discover themselves without any judgement. Our brand exists to give you the certainty to be whoever you need to be and seek your identity.

We offer over 50 brands so you can find your favourite pieces quicker and easier than ever before. Whether you’ve been inspired by a magazine or your favourite celebrity look, consider us your ultimate destination for a style hunt that adds a little more oomph to your life!

Tanti’s mission is to offer a unique fashion experience delivered with

thoughtfulness, empathy and care for all people who seek a style statement.

It’s all about the vision!

Our vision is to unite everyone under the pillars of design and culture. We want to enable every individual to find an ideal fit for their style and feel more confident and empowered in their skins.

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